Friday, October 30, 2015

Rules and Regulations of Waterfowl Hunting

Real estate professional Jimmy Winemiller has an extensive career history that spans more than 50 years and multiple industries. In addition to his experience buying and selling commercial properties, Jimmy Winemiller also oversees the management of Mallard Manor, a farm located in Mississippi that caters to hunters, including waterfowl hunters.

Waterfowl hunting season in Mississippi begins each year around the end of September and runs to late January. In order to participate, hunters must purchase a small-game license, Mississippi waterfowl stamp, federal waterfowl stamp, and a certification from the Harvest Information Program.

In addition to completing the necessary paperwork, waterfowl hunters must also respect baiting laws, which forbid the use of feed bait to attract ducks and other waterfowl to a specific area in order to hunt them. Wild birds may only be hunted where they naturally migrate.

Legal equipment for waterfowl hunting includes shotguns that are smaller than 11-gauge, muzzle-loading shotguns, and archery weapons. Hunters typically wear waders during the process in order to walk through waterlogged swamp areas of Mississippi.

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